Delving into the Shelves

As an Independent Bookshop Proprietor I spend most of my working days poring over wonderful books, selling beautiful books to Collectors with specialist interests. The conversations are always fascinating- Collectors are truly our ‘Archivists of the future’ and the knowledge they gather about their chosen niche often outstanding.

I have to say that I really love my job!

One aspect that strikes me though- is that in letting go of these often scarce tomes, means I may never come across them again- and though they bring joy to the Collector, and my business-pocket- it’d be good to spread the love!

Hence the notion of this blog.

Here’s a sample of some of the illustrations in books previously sold…


The purpose of my blog is to share these finds as I sell them, or research them in order to put them up on my Abe Books site.

I hope you enjoy these discoveries with me- and I’d love to start some online conversations with all you bibiophiles out there…

The World can’t come to see us in little olde Mrs Middleton’s Shop in Freshwater (though you’d be very welcome) but I’d like to take Mrs Middleton’s Shop in Freshwater out to the online World!

Book-Lovers everywhere- Let’s Talk!